SCP-1471 – MalO Version 1.0.0

SCP 1471 is a Euclid Class anomaly also known as MalO Version 1.0.0.

SCP-1471 is a free 9.8MB application for mobile devices named “MalO ver1.0.0” in online application stores.
After SCP1471 is installed, no icons or shortcuts are created for the application. SCP-1471 will then begin to send the individual images through text messaging every 3-6 hours. All images will contain SCP-1471-A either within the background or foreground. SCP-1471-A appears as a large humanoid figure with a canid-like skull and black hair.

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SCP-1471 – MalO Version 1.0.0 is based on “SCP-1471” by LurkD:

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