SCP-656 | Home Edition (SCP Orientation)

SCP Orientation is an archive of files of the SCP Foundation.

Today we will be studying Item number SCP-656: Home Edition, Object class: Safe.

SCP-656 appears to be a board game box labeled “[REDACTED] Home Edition”, where [REDACTED] is presumably the name of a game show. Contained inside SCP-656 is a recordable VHS tape (SCP-656-1).
When SCP-656-1 is inserted into a VCR attached to a television, it plays a taped episode of [REDACTED], which appears to be from the mid-1980’s. The show follows a quiz show format, where three contestants answer trivia questions to win money. All of the contestants are confirmed to be living, although none have records suggesting that they competed on a game show.

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This video is derived from and released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0. Contributor: DStecks

Voice Over Artist: Greg Katerman; Twitter: @DatGreyMind

Author: Smuconlaw[email protected]/7333197740
Author: Kevin Standlee
Author: Ali Karimian


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