SCP Foundation Amnestic Use Guide (SCP Orientation Tales)

SCP Orientation is an archive of files of the SCP Foundation.

Today Researcher R. will be reviewing a highly classified file on SCP Foundation’s use of amnestics.

What are the usages, effects, and protocols regarding the use of the various amnestics in the Foundation’s possession? How many types of amnestics are there and how do they work?

Proceed to learn more.

This video is derived from and released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0. Contributor: LurkD

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Author: Realix
Author: BlackWolf
Author: William Warby
Author: Milan Civovic
Author: William Warby,_Sobyanin_(5).jpg
Author: Пресс-служба Мэра и Правительства Москвы[email protected]/49753476743
Author: Jernej Furman
Author: Jose Navarro,_Quillota_20210822_05.jpg
Author: Carlos Figueroa Rojas
Author: BruceBlaus
Author: BackMaker,_Orange_Park,_United_States_(Unsplash_Mw1efRU1qcU).jpg
Author: Natalie Collins,_Orange_Park,_United_States_(Unsplash_Mw1efRU1qcU).jpg
Author: Natalie Collins


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