Twitter is MELTING DOWN over Elon Musk Sale

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ATTENION: A lot of people are commenting on the fact I referred to Tim Pool as “conservative”. I am not a stickler on precise political terminology. In the context of conservative accounts gaining followers… in the context of the positions I see him take… it felt like the proper word. I don’t need any more DMs about this it is not that serious.

Twitter is Melting Down over the prospect of Elon Musk obtaining ownership. As a multi billion dollar company heads toward private ownership… users are panicking over what his plans will be, and how it will impact them.

On one side, conservative pundits and politicians are seeing massive follower increases, and on the other, left leaning public figures decline. The white house takes aim at social media, the media whips itself into a frenzy, and Elon Musk continues down the path of radically changing one of the most divisively controversial spaces online.

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